I have spectrum of skills and I am always ready to learn more!

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Manasvini Ganesh

As a phoenix I arise,

Everyday living Day and not Past,

Loving grace and leaving mourn,

Everyday Renascent I ever last!"


I am a furious ball of energy with many tricks under my sleeve. I am one of those rare homo sapient creature with 4 limbs and a brain who has the innate ability to coordinate with both the brain hemispheres - the creative and the rationalist- in a pretty exciting way!

As Emilie Wapnick, founder of the Putty tribe would put it, I am

"multi potentialite or the poly math".
Wow! Too heavy the words may seem but they have a very easy context.

Given the conspiracy of birth in a multi lingual family I am multi linguistic myself. And that said, my maternal language is Tamil, paternal language is Malayalam, learnt Hindi being National and regional language, and learnt English for the official mode of communication. But that's not it. I just don't speak. I read and write too. I have written a lot in my school and college including poems, articles, blogs, mobile application review (that one was paid). In fact the poem you just read above was written by me. ;-)

In the age of the binary or the digital era you may call it, there are more languages for computation than communication (I put it as a wild guess). HTML CSS stood for me as the genesis for use as a means of communication between me and the browser. And by now I have grown to call C++, C, Java, JavaScript and PHP as my new friends who translate my wishes into actions along with compilers and interpreters.

You can gross over my projects and other accomplishments in the Geek Spirit section. Do these sound nerdy? Because my friend I am the person who can call you and claim you to be my friend even when I haven't met you, I am subtly not a nerd. "Myers Briggs" psychological trait portrays me between ENFP and ENTP. Which means I am Extrovert, iNtuitive, 52% I judge by Feelings and 42% by Thinking rationally and I am Perspective. And they call such personalities "campaigners" or "inspirers" .

I can conclude that there is finally a website if not a human being who "truly" knows me!

The campaigners (like me) love experimenting with hues. I like sketching and painting, inking my canvas with beautiful colors that inspire me to not just survive on earth but to live merry and dignified. To be merry I ferry paint from my paint pots and color my canvas a bright shade of life on zenith. I sketch my friends, and poor little squirrels and mystical eagles. And I play. No, not sports. The best sport I like is flaneuring in a green park. But, yes I play. I play Veena. The instrument of the royals. Indian Carnatic Classics. I am a novice who can play small hymns. And to be dignified, I achieve. I work day in and day out to "earn" my passion. I lead my team in assignments. And when required I follow the lead of the greater.

Sometimes in silence, I like collecting sea shells and old memoirs. Drinking coffee in dusk light, enjoying my cane swing and thinking. I like observing people and their behavior. But what I like more is meeting and greeting people and so if you ever want to talk about anything in between, what Elon Musk and his Tesla are up to next, to business, entrepreneurial, food, music, art, psychology, sociology, leaderships and AI aye aye captain the sailor's on her way!

My drive as a Leader

I inspire and get inspired from the greater.


GENESIS aims to redefine technical societies and forums. We aim to revolutionize evolution by assisting the metamorphosis of engineering professionals. We hope to make this usually complex transformation into a smooth one by keeping the students updated on the various going on in the world of technology. Apart from this, as a society we would conduct workshops, seminars, technical and literary events and career counselling sessions to further the interests of the students and to guide them.With GENESIS, begin your journey to a brighter future because "Technology today is the key of tomorrow".

And together we as a team, passionately put forth our complete devotion to Genesis with best of our skills. Be it technical, creative, literary, managerial or administrative skills. We as a team bonded as an alloy, work for our fellow mates in IPEC.As the slogan re-iterates, is a new epoch that reckons a series of events and activities that promises to influence growth of our fellow IPECians.Genesis:A New Era

My Best Contributions I am Proud Of

  1. I have interviewed founder of AV Live Technologies and Lilac Technologies Mr. V.K. Singh a leading enthreprenur in tech sector to help booming enthreprenur of IPEC make decisions in their venture.
  2. I have organized overall 25+ events and workshops under Genesis at inter-college and national levels.
  3. I have designed dozens of posters, handled monthly newsletters, written blogs for our society.
  4. I have taught programming language C to 120 registered students as a workshop with 5 hours per week classes under Genesis.

My Evolution

I joined the society in 2014 as junior executive, became Core member the next year and today I am heading the team of 27 as The President.

© Manasvini Ganesh